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Important new publication by Dr. Luttrull

February 15 2018 the journal Eye, a division of Nature publishers from the University College London,  published Dr. Luttrull’s research entitled: “Improved visual and retinal function following subthreshold diode micropulse laser (SDM) for retinitis pigmentosa. Developed by Dr. Luttrull, SDM is described as the first clinically useful treatment for retinitis pigmentosa. SDM is able to improve visual acuity, visual fields, and retinal health and function. By producing these improvements safely, Dr. Luttrull hopes that SDM, as “retinal protective therapy”, will slow disease progression and thus reduce the risks of visual loss. 


Dr. Luttrull discusses use of SDM laser to reduce the risk of wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration.Click:


In August 2014 Dr. Luttrull formed “LIGHT”: The International Retinal Laser Society. (LIGHT stands for “Laser Interest Group for Healthier Treatments”). The mission of  LIGHT is to facilitate interaction and collaboration between experts and researchers from around the world to speed discovery and improve patient care. LIGHT members hail from the USA, England, The Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Chile, Oman, Italy, Brazil, India, China, Venezuela, Ukraine, Japan, Slovakia, Russia, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. As executive director of LIGHT Dr. Luttrull will oversee the fourth annual meeting of LIGHT, October, 2018 in Chicago.


Dr. Luttrull has again been invited to teach at the European School for Advanced Study in Ophthalmology (ESAO). ESAO is dedicated to keeping young specialists in retina and other fields of ophthalmology up to date with the latest advances. This year’s school will be held in Lugano, Switzerland, April 2018.

Dr. Luttrull will join colleagues Jan Keunen, MD, PhD of the Radboud University of the Netherlands, Edoardo Midena MD, PhD of the University of Padova, Italy, to present a course on subthreshold laser treatments to the European Retina Society in Vienna, Austria, September 2018.

 Dr. Luttrull in the News

Because of the novelty and importance of his work, it has been featured by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and featured by the medical website “Medscape“online

Retina Today online at

 “Top Ophthalmologist”

According to “Leading Physicians of the World”, Dr. Luttrull continues to be selected by his peers as a “Top Ophthalmologist”.

 2018 Speaking Schedule

European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology (ESASO) April 2018; European Society of Retina Specialists (Euretina) September 2018, Vienna, Austria; International Retinal Laser Society (LIGHT) October, Chicago.

Invited Lectures

In recognition of his leadership in the development of retinal laser treatments, Dr. Luttrull was invited to present the Plenary Lecture of the International Society for Laser Safety and American Laser Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, March 20, 2017. The ISLS Conference is a biannual meeting of international scientists and government regulators charged with maintaining laser safety in scientific, medical, industrial, and commercial use. Dr. Luttrull’s lecture will be entitled: “The difference safety makes: Laser is the future of blindness prevention.

September 2017, Dr. Luttrull was invited to present the prestigious meeting-opening Plenary Lecture called the “Amsterdam Retina Debate” of the European Society of Retina Specialists , Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Luttrull’s lecture was entitled: “Laser should be the first-line treatment for diabetic macular edema”.  Dr. Luttrull debated Robin Hamilton, MD, head of the retina service at the famous Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

Dr. Luttrull continues as a member of the retina faculty of the European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology (ESASO).