Laser Vision Protection


WHAT is Laser Vision Protection?

Laser Vision Protection is a new approach to preventing visual loss. It employs a revolutionary new treatment, called Retinal Protective TherapyTM (RPT) to improve the health and function of your eye. RPT works in unparalleled safety to activate powerful natural* mechanisms in your eye and body to heal damage, reduce inflammation, and strengthen immunity to the most common causes of vision loss. We call the way it does this Laser Retinal ActivationTM


What are the most common causes of vision loss? In persons under 50 years old, it is diabetic retinopathy (DR). In persons over 50, it is age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Glaucoma (GL) is next most common. Together, these diseases affect hundreds of millions of people and are the leading causes of visual loss and blindness.


  • In “wet” AMD, RPT can reduce the number of injections you need to keep your vision.
  • In “dry” AMD, RPT reduces your risk of developing “wet” AMD and visual loss improves vision.
  • In diabetes, RPT can work alone or with drugs to treat and prevent macular edema and retinopathy progression to safely decrease your risk of visual loss.
  • In glaucoma, RPT improves vision, visual fields and protects your optic nerve from glaucoma damage (“neuroprotection”).
  • In inherited diseases like retinitis pigmentosa, RPT improves retinal health and function to slow progression, and can improve your visual fields, visual acuity, and night vision.

Because of the unique attributes of RPT, RPT is the first treatment to do all of these things.

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*RPT is not naturopathic or homeopathic. It is a scientifically and medically proven treatment, and the subject of many international scientific presentations and peer-reviewed medical publications by researchers around the world. It can only be performed by trained and licensed MD ophthalmic surgeons. Laser Vision Protection and Retinal Protective Therapy are registered trademarks and represent patents and patents pending of Ojai Retinal Technologies, LLC and Retinal Protection Sciences, LLC.