For Retina Specialists

Fovea-involving diabetic macular edema before (above) and after (below) transfoveal SDM laser.


New Books by Dr. Luttrull


Modern Retinal Laser Therapy

Principles and Application

Dr. Luttrull’s comprehensive text defining Modern Retinal Laser Therapy, describing the origins, concepts and clinical application. Available August 2023 at Kugler Publications Amsterdam.


Retinal Lasers in Ophthalmology.

Clinical Insights and Advancements

Editors Andrjez Grzybowki, Jeffrey K Luttrull, and Igor Kozak. Available July 2023 at Springer Verlag Publications Berlin.


Dr. Luttrull is happy to answer any MD questions regarding SDM / MP laser,  or review patient issues, any time. Simply call the office or email  and Dr. Luttrull will respond promptly.