Retina Specialty

DR JKLDr. Luttrull is a vitreoretinal subspecialist. Vitreoretinal subspecialists are fully trained medical doctors (having graduated from medical school) who have completed specialty training (residency) in Ophthalmology, and further training (fellowship) in vitreoretinal diseases and surgery. They limit their practice to consultation and surgery exclusively for patients, usually referred by other doctors, with disorders of the retina (the neural lining of the inside of the eye, like the film of a camera), the macula (a small area in the center of the retina responsible for sharp and color vision), and the vitreous (the clear gel that fills the eye).

Although innumerable disorders can affect the retina, and thus visual acuity, the most common diseases referred to vitreoretinal subspecialists are age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), diabetic retinopathy, epi-retinal membranes (macular “pucker” or “wrinkle”), macular holes, macular edema and retinal tears and detachments.

As a subspecialist, Dr. Luttrull concentrates on providing the highest level of vitreoretinal care for his patients. Thus, he does not prescribe glasses or perform cataract or refractive surgery such as LASIK.

As a consultant, Dr. Luttrull will report his findings, recommendations, and treatment to your referring doctor, and keep him or her apprised of your progress.

What is a Retina Specialist? Watch a video by the American Retina Foundation.